Heuling Chaff Spreaders

an innovative step

Thanks to the Heuling Chaff spreader, chaff as well as shrivelled grains are spread over the full cutting width of your combine.

Ever increasing cutting widths and more efficient and harsh threshing systems (more short straws) produce a thick matt of material behind the sieves.

If unspread, this heavy swath of chaff will hinder following cultivations and the establishment of the next crop (competition with weeds and volunteers).


Fitted to your combine-harvester


The solution: the Heuling Chaff spreader offers you a full-width spreading pattern.

Remember that only a quarter of the cutterbar width is covered by the chaff trail behind the combine.

How it works:

The chaff spreader is fitted immediately behind the sieves. Thanks to its working position all material blown off the sieves is spread. Short straws and shrivelled grain fall on the lower part of the rotor and are ejected sideways. Light chaff is "combed" out of the airflow by the upper part of the rotor and spread. The airstream can pass through the open structure of the chaff spreader housing, minimising blowback to the sieves and turbulence in the hood.


Select the optimal working position


Thanks to its lockable handles, you can choose the right separation from the sieves, the working angle and the height.

The Heuling chaff spreader
is fully adjustable and adaptable
to your harvesting conditions.

The rotor housings can be rotated to suit different crops and cutterbar widths to control the spreading width.


Easy access to the sieves

To check, alter or clean your sieves, the Heuling chaff spreader can be swung out of the way (gas strutt assisted). A comfortable working space is then obtained to service the sieves.

Working position



To swing the chaff spreader upwards:

1) Unlock the handle
2) Disconnect the drive and remove the belt
3) Free the drive shaft and push it in
4) Swing the chaff spreader high in the hood

Service position (free sieves access)

Technical specifications

Drive speed

285 rpm


1.22 m / 48 in.


0.6 m / 24 in.

Rotor diameter

0.5 m / 20 in.

Rotor speed

540 rpm

Weight chaff spreader body

~ 65 kg / 140 lbs

Weight support / fitting parts

~ 65 kg / 140 lbs


pulley / V-belt from the straw walker shaft

Power requirement

0.3 kW / 0.5 hp


Delivered with

Drive train
(pulley, belt, tensioner)

Fitting kit

Fitting instructions

Parts book


Specifications and design subject to change without notice


Fits most popular makes of combines.

Quick fitting - requiring few fitting parts

Colour matched to Your combine.

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